V60 Recipe (June 2016)


As my coffee adventures continue over time, I’ve started to really appreciate pour over coffee, in particular, Hario V60. From time-to-time, I had previously been drinking drip-brewed coffee from a budget supermarket branded coffeemaker, but after having received a Hario V60 Dripper (size 01), I began to experiment more with recipes. My previous “recipe” for my coffeemaker was to pour 1 spoonful of pre-ground coffee per cup. The result was, well, okay. Much of the result depended on the coffee I was using, but there was little room for experimenting with pour methods, bloom time, etc. Taking control of these variables allows for more experimenting, resulting in more varied recipes.

I spent some time experimenting with different grind sizes, coffee:water ratios, bloom times, etc. and found that the following recipe (adapted from Sundlaug Coffee Co.) tastes delicious. (Note: Coffee I was using during this recipe is Sundlaug’s Ethiopia Adado Yirgacheffe, which is of mixed heirloom variety.)

15g coffe : 250ml water


  • Bring roughly 300ml water to boil. Allow to stand for a minute to cool down a little.
  • Grind 15g beans medium-coarse. I use a Hario Mini Mill at 8 clicks from tightest.
  • Prepare your V60 station (mountain-fold paper and place in dripper, set dripper on top of vessel or mug, rinse paper, then empty vessel out).
  • Empty your coffee grounds into the paper, shake to even them out if necessary, and tare your scales.
  • Slowly pour 30g water and let bloom for 30s.
  • Pour a further 220g water over the course of around 1m45s. When your scales hit 250g, stop pouring and allow the remaining brew to drip through.
  • Allow to cool for a couple minutes before enjoying.

This is not intended as a guide to V60 brewing, but rather a recipe I enjoy.



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