How to change OS X Launchpad icon grid size

I recently decided to start using Launchpad in Yosemite, but I found that on both my MacBook Air and my iMac, there were far too few app icons in the grid.

The following terminal commands allow you to increase the grid (I changed my Launchap grid to 10×10, the default is 7×5).

$ defaults write springboard-rows -int 10
$ defaults write springboard-columns -int 10
$ killall Dock

If you’re like me and you don’t necessarily fancy the opening and closing animations of Launchpad, then you can use the following Terminal command to get rid of those.

$ defaults write springboard-show-duration -int 0
$ defaults write springboard-hide-duration -int 0
$ killall Dock

Final tip: I added a keyboard shortcut for Launchpad. I opted for alt+space, that way I’ve got both Spotlight and Launchpad accessible instantly as the shortcut keys are just next to each other. To do this, head over to System Preferences, Keyboard, Shortcuts, Launchpad & Dock, Show Launchpad.

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