52 Week Money Challenge

New years resolutions come and go, but I decided that this year I’d actually set a goal and stick to it. Unlike other years, I wanted to set myself a goal that would be relative easy to achieve, and one that would benefit me by year-end. Money saving seemed a great idea, and I found a tip online over at onebusywahm.com

The idea of the 52 week money challenge is simple: once a week you put a set amount of money aside and by the end of the year you will have saved up £1378. The amount to set aside is the same as the week number, i.e. in week 1, set aside £1, in week 2, it’s £2, etc. 

I’ll be twisting the rules slightly since I find that setting aside £51 and £52 around Christmas time is a bit much. The way I’m approaching this challenge is set aside £52 in week 1, £51 in week 2, etc. – i.e. in reverse order.

Natalie over at onebusywahm.com posted a great printable here, so hang it somewhere you’re most likely to see it (e.g. your fridge or office desk). I’ve decided to add them as to-dos to my weekly diary.

Get saving!

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